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Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
gabbey from the spca comes -- abe aleen gabbey -- aleen gabby comes in from the -- daveey comes in from the spc -- gabbey comes in from the spca. >> kitten a lot of energy sometimes. so this one is a little raisey -- crazy you might see her making wild moves. >> she has a lot of energy and we have some reduced adoption fees this weekend. so, for two kiddens this -- kit -- kittens will's -- there's adoption fees. >> there's a fee that comes with adopting a pet because you guys are nonprofit a lot of people might not realize that. you rely on donations. >> on donations. >> that's what the online auction is all about. >> we don't get government funding or aspca so you can go to our website and it's ebay for pets. get great items this is a goody basket for cats and it's a great time to do holiday shopping. >> good. and you have artwork and a little bit of everything. >> sports memorabilia. trips, give certificates to restaurants. it's lot of fun. >> how do you check it out. >> go to the mdspca.orb and i think it's connected to and peruse the items starting at noon. >> a great o
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
... going to the pathroom ii the ouse... weere morning.tina regeeter from the maryland spca joinn us live in studio with more. - how do we get pets off the fuuniture?- what are somethings we shouldn't have near our pets?other helpful tips we should keep in mind? tinaaregester will be answeeing any queetions you may haae aboot your pet .. in the ext half hour. hour. 3 hour.pee ... in the next have about your questions you ay will tina regestee wwll be answering any tina regester will be nsweringgany questions you the next half hour. hour. if you have a question... send us tweet at fox baltimore or post a comment on oor facebook coming up... up...a big shoodown ttnight... betteen president obama and mitt romney.the issuus they'll good day baltimore. ng fox 45 - 3 3 - kent queen aane's countt schools opening 90 mins llte due to fog. fog.- ecil county 2 hoorsslate 3 3 3 3 33 3 3 fbiir bel air quarantine map today is tth day. after months of preparrtion... president obamaaand governor rooney will square offfin the first prrsiiential debate. tom rodgers is hhre with more on whaa's at
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
& to contact the spca, go to our website at fox baltimore dot com ssash morning. coming might wwnt to hold off... before pooring popularrbrand that's being al.t and you might reeognize ttis face....comedian loni looe her new project. you're patching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p ,3 from the tonight show to ...the laae late shoo onii looe s sppeaddng the "love" ..... and today she's doing ittright here in baltimore. the pomeddan ... 3 aatress live in studio witt more. - howwdo you you to baltimore?- prepare for your ccmedy show? -whaats our inspiratioo? inspiration? foormore information on loni pove loo oo to fox baltimore pot com slash morning. coming up...a halloween costume for √°adults√°... in what character... is ffying off shelves this year.yoo're watching fox 5 good day baltimore. 3 3 3 3 3 &p43 map if you fell asleep... the oriolle won very early ttis in 13 inninns and forcing game 5 tonight. players innthe locker room after the ggme... and they are ddfinitelyyfeelinggthe pressure. pressure.:22:50 weewanna have fun buttit is ntense .
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
and look at this guy. he is being pampered. and no trouble getting home contact the spca if you would like to find out about butter cup. you can wrestle him away. >>> what will your kids be for halloween. something you need to think about. now big bird seeing a surge thanks to the governor. a costume wholesaler says that uns the nominee mentioned the character during the first debate in denver, orders for the costumes have been flying in. all right, lauren is joining us now a quick transition. >> and on today's ticket was sent in and it is her husband shawn. and their dog jack. enjoying a vacation down in north carolina. we posted a picture on your facebook it generated a ton of comments. and one wrote in saying give me the treat. and the caption saying that's the last time you hold the keys. rosa perez where did you hide my bone. and no dogs allowed on the beach during the summer. keep your captions coming. i need more photos. send them my way. send them to pix at wmar. >>> a distraction for children at one school. they could not believe their eyes when they looked out of the window, it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4